In The Beginning There Were Tacos and Beer

Have you ever wondered that as you meet someone it is meant to be for a purpose of your life?  Sure, there are those brief relationships that remain in the very shallow end of life, but the ones that you take a little deeper tend to serve more purpose in our journey of life.  It is those that we hold on to and grow from.  These are the relationships that make us a better person and shape the world we live in.  

The start of 2018 proved to be very exciting but trying times for me.  Several things happened and eventually I was ready to pursue the coffee industry.  With no experience, game plan or direction, my wife pointed me to this guy on Instagram.  After creating an account  there was a guy named David that has a small coffee roasting business in Franklin.  It looked super cool but his coffee was so expensive!  I was nervous and had a feeling of embarrassment for not knowing what the hell I was doing.  Luckily there was something in me that wanted to take a chance.

A week later our first date was at a hispanic market he recommended with great tacos and cheap beer.  We  were quick to share history, passions, and ambitions.  Our life experiences resulted in many similarities that became the driving force behind us.  We both got a good vibe that being together we could be so much better in our new ventures than being apart. 

A hefty amount of cups of coffee, tacos, and even more beers led us to a handshake with a partnership.  Diving deeper into what we both saw and believed in, drew us to speaking on curiosity more and more.  Providing people with an opportunity to explore curiosity in coffee with a new easy approach.  And knowing that both David and I are passionately curious about all things life it was clear our relationship was meant to go deeper. 

Curiosity got me to take that leap of meeting David.  Curiosity took David and I down a path of visualizing what we can do together.  And now Curio is our devotion and best of all our future.  

-Alex   7/21/2020

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