introducing the curio blog vision

Why listen to podcasts when you can enjoy the quiet readings of our blogs?  Is reading blogs still a thing?  Well if it is, this is where you can find us.  We (David and Alex) are going to share a lot of different thoughts, opinions, experiences and fun.  This is a place to help share who/what Curio is about and to engage with us.  Feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts, and just be a part of our curious community.  

Some areas we are diving into are: further depth of Curio (history of us, Alex, David), product reviews on both beer and coffee, business and growth experiences, and positive thoughts.  Our vision for the blog is to be a fun space for all of us to explore curiosity.  

Please contact us if there is ever a topic you want to hear about.  And also, please be generous and understanding of our grammar and writing.  We will do our best!

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