Welcome to Our Home!

Welcome to our home! I mean that quite literally- our actual home! We roast and live in our little home in downtown Franklin and this web "home" will be where you see all of the happenings in the Morris household - new coffees, roasting techniques, brew methods, cuppings, dinners with friends, meeting our sweet baby girl, failing as parents, winning as parents, marriage, and loving on you guys! 

Coffee has been a journey for us - in our marriage, in our jobs, and now our family ( with a little barista on the way). We first met in 2013 where David was my barista at a local coffee shop in Franklin, Tn. Yes, we both realize it's totally cliche, but "It all started over a cup of coffee" and the rest was history. In that same coffee shop 7 months later, he proposed, we got married, yada yada yada. 

Like many of you in coffee, we've had our ups and downs in the industry - been hurt a few times, said yes to endeavors that fell through, took a break from coffee, started our own roasting business, been able to help other people open their dream shops, and now maybe someday we'll be able to open one of our own. 

Which brings us to here - we are almost parents starting a business and throwing our whole lives into finally going for it! We're so excited to be able to take you along this journey with us because it WILL be a journey. Maneuvering through parenthood and being small business owners will be a challenge, but we think we are up for it. We hope that you get to see the real us by following along with us via social media and this blog and tasting the new coffees that come to your door, but we want to hear from you too! Tell us about yourself - do you own your own business? Are you local or just visiting our page for the first time because we came across your newsfeed? Are you parents? In the coffee industry? We want to know it all! So consider this an open invitation to our "home." Lets grab a cup of coffee and get to know each other! 













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