What Can We Do

Curious about getting good coffee or beer in your office or at your next event? We love serving customers and building partnerships! Contact Us to get started.


Creating culture in an office is an easy way to increase those employee satisfaction scores.  And we want to be a part of that! Bringing in fresh, flavorful, locally roasted coffee that is easy to maintain can make a positive impact on work productivity.  We offer great plans on coffee and equipment!


Curio Coffee Roasters is the choice for you!  If you understand & want to share our vision of a curious coffee world, then we want to work with you!  The coffee industry is so large and there is some great coffee to explore. That’s why it is our mission to help people understand it further and appreciate the craft.  Let us help with sharing and educating both customers and the staff. We want to make more coffee snobs in this world, so that the term “coffee snob” no longer has meaning.


Fun fact: “Over half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee daily” according to Business Insider.  Restaurants can benefit by offering unique locally roasted coffee to serve customers as a way of enhancing the experience.  And to backup that experience for customer engagement, it will be all about educating the team so that they can speak to it.  And that is something we are passionate about!


Coffee brews up some amazing conversation and is known to bring people together.  And that deserves quality, fresh, local coffee. We’re able to set up a plan that provides quality yet keeps it simple for wonderful fellowship!


We understand the need of wanting your own brand.  That’s what we wanted too! Connect with us to discuss how we can make a coffee specifically for you and your needs.  All we want is to share our coffee with people so that the we continue to grow the appreciation & love!


Planning events can take a toll on a person.  Let us help brew some creativity into the event with specialty coffee.  It can be a statement piece for the guests to talk about. We can provide several different options to cater to your needs.  Some examples are: Espresso bar, Cold Brew station, Coffee station, etc.