Curio U Brew

Brew your very own beer!

About this experience

Ever wanted to brew beer and make it your own?  Join us for a Curio U Brew session where you will get to create a beer, make it without having to clean, learn about the process, and enjoy the experience of pride!  You also get to create your own can labels!  


How long does the actual brew session take?  About four hours.

How long till I can pick up my beer after the brew day?  About two weeks for the beer to finish fermenting.  It depends on the style you choose.

How many people can join the experience?  As many as you want!  The more the merrier!

What do I get to take it home in?  Once you send us your label image we will get them printed and put on 32oz cans for you to take home.

Do I have to can the beer myself?  That is up to you!  You can be apart of the process or we can just take care of it for you.  

Can I resell them?  No!  That would be against the law unless you have beer permit.